Golgappa, is a unique idea. As unique as the Indian Vegetarian Street Cuisine we specialize in.

We serve, with much love, Indian subcontinental street cuisine—familiar and favorite flavors from the streets and bazaars of the subcontinent—to a community that enjoys street food, as much as we do.

Street food is more than just flavors. It is also the way it is served. Prepared fresh, before you, with your specific instructions just so you get it the way you want. And that’s exactly what we aim here at Golgappa too. Because in street food, one size doesn’t fit all. Our ingredients are always fresh, and we serve fresh.

Golgappa is an Indian expat expression that is today proudly introducing the multicultural community in Australia, to a range of tasty, sumptuous, healthy, vegetarian spread. Together with Mirch Masala, the specialty Indian spice store, we’ve been serving the local community since 2009.

Original recipes, exact flavor, sourced from the best and all 100% vegetarian.

100% Vegetarian Street Food.